Our Aim is to “Either take the Classroom to the world or bring the world to the classroom". Practical knowledge manifests itself as skills or knowledge- how which alters the thinking power of the students.

Teaching Methodology

The School offers different path of learning such as life skills and art of living. Its ultimate goal is to enable the learners to face the life fearlessly and courageously.

We are an educational institution of the students, for the students and by the students. Our students are taught through innovative teaching technologies right from Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary. We believe every child is unique and has distinctive qualities that makes him/her extraordinary. As our chairman say – ‘We are a factory generating Humans’. Thus, we, in the role of an educator, support the child to become a best human being, which is a requisite to become successful in life.

The intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of the students is fostered to enhance their quality of life. In students, we inculcate the curiosity to learn more which is inspired through practical knowledge and interactive sessions. Students are taught creative skills which emphasise on building their self confidence that fosters healthy competitive spirit among them.

Apart from theoretical knowledge, pupils are urged to learn from their surroundings and be updated with the current events.

Being a non-profit organisation, our focus entirely remains on how best we can invest on our students for their overall growth and development, because we aim to make our students better human beings and thus creating promising leaders for tomorrow.

V. N. Godhani English School

Interactive Classroom Sessions

Our School Emphasis and Involves facilitator as well as learners by encouraging the learners to participate. Probing questions to stimulate discussions. Giving students hands-on experience by using teaching aids. Students are asked questions based upon the topics covered in the time-being which will judge their mental presence. By doing this awareness among all is been created.

Conducting Presentations

As far as we know, a student should be well groomed in giving presentations, we at VNG English School inculcate the skills of leadership, Public Speaking and building self-confidence in the students, so that at any pace of moment, our students can excel in communicating their ideas and will never retreat to take his/her stand.

Fairs And Exhibitions

A School is the place where children’s are molded or future life. From Science Exhibitions to fun fair, to mock market or be it book fair, our School organizes and plays a pivotal role, in creating a student’s mind, scientific as well as inquisitive. Students get a platform to show what they have learned and what the inbuilt skills in them are.


Games and role play can be fun and used successfully in any area of curriculum, so is applied at our school, where by the use of drama and role play opportunity can be created for the learners. Role play demonstrates how to use language in real-life with a focus on effective communication. From Pre- Primary to Higher Secondary, Role play drama and games are given importance.

Role Play

A role-playing game is a game in which the participants assume the roles of characters and collaboratively create stories. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterisation, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, they may improvise freely; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the games.

Visit To Various Institutes

Our School being an “explorer”, We have arranged visits to esteemed Institutes like Mahatma Gandhi International School, where the students as well as teachers learnt their teaching method. Objective is to know the culture of different schools and how they function.

Story Board Teaching

At our School, we have adopted different tactics to learn within and outside the classrooms. Story-Board teaching strategy helps students. Keep track of a narrative’s main ideas and supporting details by having them illustrate the story’s important scenes.

Audio – Video Tools

Audio visual education or multimedia based education has become a vital part in the Schools. Our School has Smart Boards, where students learn differently and Audio-Visual equipment givs teachers the chance to stimulate each child learning process with the combination of pictures, sounds and attention grabbing media.Not exposing children to different forms of technology is depriving them of vital learning opportunity, that could benefit them in later life.


V. N. Godhani School


Partners at Shree Ram Krishna Exports, Mr. Govindbhai L. Dholakia, Mr. Bhagwanbhai P. Patel and Late Mr. Virjibhai N.Godhani dreamt of initiating girl’s education.

V. N. Godhani School


The School prides itself in disseminating the education to all sections of the community. The students here are given the platform to show-case their hidden talents with proper guidance.

V. N. Godhani School


V. N. Godhani English School is nurturing and enriching both boys and girls culturally and spiritually. Recognizing that gender differences in learning do exist.

V. N. Godhani School

Hi-Tech Campus

Each class is having smart board facilities’ with Wi-Fi connectivity and a projector in each class. HiFi computer labs for young and senior children.

V. N. Godhani School


The facilities provided by the school are. Language Lab, Research Room, Science Lab, Educational Zone, Library, Sports Ground, Computer Lab, Drawing Room, Music Room, Prayer Ground,

V. N. Godhani School

Future Perspective

Wide changes has been observed in the field of education in the latter half of 20th century, be it Social, Economical or Technological.

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