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Drishant IsamaliyaDCA, CCC

I am Drishant Isamaliya, I m studying first year in Bachelor of major computer science  in Vancouver island University, BC, Canadaa and moving to Simon Fraser University, Canada. I was in 7th when i got admission in V. N. Godhani. These 6 Years of my life were as a turning point and I was able to know my goal of life.I got each and every type of help from my schooland specially from trustee and My Principal Divya madam.I was feeling upgraded in this school.Divya Madam is like my second mother she always help me, whenever i need her she is always with me. Talking about teachers they are very good, they r very students friendly. They and the other staff is the best in their job, their teaching, guiding and in many other way. Even My maths teacher Ankit sir and Rajesh sir's teaching is helping me till now. I miss my school a lot and specially our madam....

Hetal GhoghariM.B.A.

Myself Hetal Kanti Ghoghari pursuing C.A course [cpt cleared , pursuing ipcc level( ICAI)with SY BCom from SDJ INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE. Performing as Event manager (From aura academy ) I am presently here in Surat. My future goal is to be ' Chartered Accountant.My journey with V. N. Godhani English School was of 14 years( Jr. Kg to 12 ). Our school has been a huge support to be creative , innovative , enthusiastic , confident , ambitious and gave much chances to develop our inner abilities. Till the date , the achievements whatever I have received , all credit goes to my school and my beloved teachers . They have encourage our minds to think , hands to create and hearts to love ! The platform my school gave me till the limit of sky . The decorum and code of conduct which VNG gave to nurture our unshaped minds , today makes a huge difference to work and compete in practical world . Today I really feel , the message given by my school and teachers - " Qualities lies in you , search for it !" is only the key to success. I am much blessed and previleged to be " Godanities".

Avani GotiM.A, PGDCA

I Avani Goti have spent 14 yrs of my childhood in a school and after passing out, Today I feel very happy and lucky too that this school was none other than V N Godhani English School. To achieve anything good in life, we always need the support of our family, friends and school teachers and there is no doubt to say that I have got immense support from my school. Here I would truly love to also mention that the picnics of my school were the best in the world. Today I am a first year MBBS student in Surat Municipal Institute of Medical research and Education (SMIMER) and I feel very proud when I wear that doctor's white Appron. And there is a huge role of my school in making me feel that proud. The teachers and principal were the best supporting framework of the school. My principal Mam had helped me a lot even after completing my studies in the school. I want to become a Gynaecologist in future and I don't hope because I m sure that my school will always be ready to help me in future plans. Thank you

Keyuri NabraniB.COM

Myself keyuri Nabrani I have spend 7 years in V. N. Godhani English School. I had learn so much from School Discipline, Respect, to elders. Self Confidence and many other things. Because of my school now I am in the medical field to become a doctor so I can say V.N Godhani has given me every thing that a student want from his/her school. I had got lots of knowledge from the school. Now I am doing B.D.S (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) and in future I want to do M.D.S IN ORAL FACIAL SURGERY.

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Parth Mangukiya

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Janvi Kakadiya

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Utsavi Patel

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Nayan Gadhiya

Parth Mangukiya7 years experience

Myself Parth Mangukiya is privileged to share my feelings with my school. It was not a school, it was a place full of learning and opportunities for me. The kind of learning I got, it really helped me to grow as a person. I feel more confident and smart now, as my teachers helped me on how to improve your personality. My words would be less for what I gained from my school.‌Currently I am studying in SRM University pursuing my B.tech.EEE . The reason I am here is because of the wonderful exposure I got from my principal, teachers. My goal is to improve the today's radar and navigation system. And I want to continue it by entering into aerospace industry. At last I thanked my school for what I am right now.

Janvi Kakadiya7 years experience

It’s been more than 5 years i left the school but I still feel so connected to it! Yes...thats my school..V. N. Godhani ...and I can very proudly say that I am a part of this Family! All d teachers, Principal Ma'am as well as the students..we are all the V.N Godhani family members! As it is said..."Your inner strength is your outer foundation"... Whatever I am, wherever I stand today, and whoever I will be in the future is all because of 'The V.N.Godhani Family'. We did not only get the knowledge...but also the values and traditions that can help a person to achieve a great success in life...! So I, Janvi Kakadiya, an ex-student of V.N.Godhani, a small part of this beautiful family, a Final-year BDS student and thus a future Dentist, heartily thanks you for all that the things that made me who I am...and I wish further success to the school and its members! I thereby send my love and good wishes to everyone!!! Thanks alot once again

Utsavi Patel4 years experience

Hello My self Utsavi Patel.I am studying in GMERS Medical College Gandhinagar Soon going to become Dr. Utsavi Patel. This beautiful tag "Dr" which I willl be honoured it's not just because of my efforts but it's because of my temple like school and God and Goddess like teachers.If I start writing about those precious gems whole book will be less but still I want to say one thing that today who I am and where I am is just because of my teachers guidelines and their lovely teaching not only curriculum​ but extra curricular knowledge which has alwa always​ help to withstand in this fast running society. Though knowledge​ can be given by any teacher but the values,ethics,self confidence, positive attitude and many more are only given by the godhanites teachers. Thank you so much for giving me a path to become Dr. Utsavi Patel from Utsavi Patel.

Nayan Gadhiya10 years experience.

Myself Gadhiya Nayan Maheshbhai . I am studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery ) in Government Medical College, Surat. (1st Year ). I completed my schooling from VN Godhani . I was admitted from Jr. Kg. and all through  these years , I always felt that it is "My"school. A major benefit is that we get much help from the trustee desk and Govind Sir himself takes care and monitors the school by coming the school everyday. Right through our schooling, Principal Divya Mam  have nurtured us, taught us, loved us,scolded us, shaped us and all that which can't be described and she is guiding us now also. Talking about the teachers, they were very student-friendly and making us academically powerful. Over and all the entire school staff works and strives for the excellence of the student and serves as a backbone in building a student's Career....