Our School has digital library that is E-LIBRARY which is a special library with a collection of digital objects that includes text, visual material, audio material, video material, stored in the form of electronic media. The focus of our School is to centralize along with means for organizing, storing, and retrieving the files and media contained in the library collection. E-LIBRARY which our school has includes Access of students as well as teachers. Another thing is with the help of E-library we manage the inventory of books, journals, articles in a smooth manner without any hustle. The digital content is stored locally and accessed remotely via computer networks. Electronic library is a type of information retrieval system.

Our School E-Library Contains Primary Sources of information rather than the secondary sources found in a library (books, periodicals, etc.)

ID Card Systems provide more than Student ID's, they help our schools create a secure learning environment.

Primary, secondary, or be it Higher Secondary: An optimal learning environment. Envision the school of the future...

Perfect for student library cards

  • A new student comes in, and while their paperwork is being filled out, an ID card is printed. This ID card has a full color picture of the student, their signature, and a barcode or magnetic stripe.
  • The student visits the library and since their ID card also works as a library card, it is scanned to record the checkout details.

In today's world of uncertainty, our harsh reality is that keeping schools safe can be a full time job. There's a lot of paperwork to track, people to know, and things to do. Mistakes can be made.

We have installed Computers in the E-Library where students as well as teachers can have access and can find the information or the sources whenever needed. Sometime more detailed concepts are published online so it becomes better to refer computers with books.

Even students can download E-Books from the internet when there is shortage of books this mainly is the reason of adapting E-library concept so that everything becomes at the ease of students as well as teachers.

With the help of Barcode Scanner in the ID-Card of students, which books are issued and at what date/time , all the records will be automatically inserted in the computer for the convience of the librarian. Even the Terms and Conditions of returning the books on time is written on the library ID-Card.

“E-Library is convenient and affordable online resource for learning.”