Students Mission And Completion

Interesting tasks were given to the students of Std 11 and 12 where they all managed to bring the Mission to completion. The students very intelligently prepared questionnaire which they probe to the Respected Dignitaries of Surat city.

They themselves arranged everything, some browsed Google, Facebook, and other media just to find out the contact numbers of the specified dignitaries. The students contacted the P.A (Personal Assistants) of the respective Dignitaries and fixed the meeting by their own. Many questions were asked by the students concerned with our Surat City like they met our Mayor of Surat to whom a student asked to share the experience of being the first lady mayor of the Surat City.

One student met our Joint Police Commissioner where the student questioned regarding how new technology or new equipments would help Police department. Likewise the students asked question to S.M.C. regarding its role in making Surat city as a digital city.

These were just the glimpses of what probing was done by our students, many more questioned were intervened between the student and the Respected Dignitaries. Inspite of the problems faced by our students in fixing the meeting as we all know that all these Dignitaries run short of time. So the tremendous efforts of the students as well as the dignitaries made it possible. This was a task where no teachers were involved, solely it was performed by the students itself. By this we can make-out how brilliant the students are and the urge of learning something new is lit-up in all of them. So we all are proud of our Godhanites keeping the fire up with their efforts and hardwork.

V.N.G English School therefore strives to outbound the hidden talents of the students by teaching them life learning-lessons through different acts and tasks. The students shared their experience by saying that they have backed up with more Self confidence within them after talking to such Dignitaries.

Following are the Name of Dignitaries and the students with in-charge teacher to whom they needed to report after completion of the task.

Learning Lessons