Prashant Mangukiya


V. N. Godhani English School is perfect for my daughter. The support from the teachers and principal has been outstanding and caring. They are willing to teach new things and help my child grow and learn. They also respect input from parents. This school is best to grow in all dimensions.

Entrepreneur - (Vensatile Technologies)

Dr. Jignesh vaghela

Respected Sir, Chairman

The most important thing is Education. An education which V. N. Godhani school is providing is better than the other school. In Your school work is done in systematic basis and it is excellent. It helps to develop child’s bright future.

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Facilities like smart board for education is really good for children to understand the actual concepts of books.

As per my personal experience if any problem arises for the is politely solve it by principal and teacher, too.

Many activities like competition, festival celebration, Karate classes, skating, music, annual function etc. school is providing that really I like it.

M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., NET - Ass. Professor, (Amroli-surat)

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Asmita Poshiya


It is very important for school to create good atmosphere along with education for the students. “V. N. GODHANI ENGLISH SCHOOL” is the best school among all the schools. The best time period to awaken hidden qualities of a child, I must say that teachers are very kind hearted and knowledgeable. Their method of teaching is different and interesting compared to others. My daughter is enjoying her school life and learn everything in school premises only, and I am very happy that I don’t have search any tutor her.

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I am very much satisfied with education system of the school. School follows grade system. It is just burden less without any marks competition.The school’s atmosphere is clean and motivational and encourages the students to bring out one’s skills by arranging different sports activities, elocution competitions, celebration of various festivals etc. This is the only school that not only looks after student’s academics but taking many more steps towards overall growth of children.

All the teachers, principal and other school staffs are very friendly and cooperative in the true sense in bringing true education with quality. It is not a school but a second home of my children.

B.A., L.L.B. - (Advocate)

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Lalit Mavani


V. N. Godhani English School managed by Shri Ram Krishna charitable trust is well known among many schools in katargam area.

V. N.Godhani school aimed at excellence and development of all students are used to teach their mind for innovation. Teachers always trying to bring out the hidden talent of the children. Here students gets true education and become a responsible citizen of the society.

B.H.M.S. - (Arpit Clinic)

Dr. Rakesh Patel


We are really grateful to management to build such healthy, caring, activities based school for our children. School well equipped classroom, library, and assembly hall, activity room such as dance room, music room, drawing room, laboratories, computer lab, and park. With passing of time it developed smart board, Olympiad exams are conducted to sustain competition level and to improve IQ level of students.

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There are many celebration and other activities are conducted for the all over development of students.

Teachers are honest, helpful, well trained, skillful and highly educated.

I like school and respect for it.


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Dr. Chintan Patel


I have an immense pleasure that I have to give my views rather feedback regarding V. N. Godhani “The Second Home of My Children”.

It fulfills the meaning of Second Home in real. My child feels safe, secure and enjoys a well – balanced aaproach to education.

The school provides so many activities and opportunities that helps to up bring our children in physical, mental and spiritual plane.

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School principal and teachers also provides advice to individual parent as and when required regarding how we can support our children.

The teachers and other staff members are all welcoming and friendly and it genuinely feels like a family. The most impressive thing for me was that generally I have seen children complaining for not going to school but here it was totally opposite as my both children are really excited about going to school and this is possible only when they even feel that V. N. Godhani is our home, which was made true by the homely environment created by school staff.

I was also impressed by the benevolent activities carried on by school like helping poor children by providing them with clothes and other needy things.

Last but not the least I am grateful to V. N. Godhani for being my children’s most favorites school and they are proud to be called “GODHANIANS”…..

3 cheers for V. N. Godhani …..
Hip Hip Hurray…..
Hip Hip Hurray…..


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Dr. Janki Patel


I highly recommend V. N. Godhani English School Katargam Surat for education of my child as per!!!

All teachers are so kind and helpful to each child, they truly encourage each of their strength.

I am confident that this school has set a solid foundation for his learning path and he had developed a true love of learning.

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The school also offers various activities like Yoga, Art, Music, Dance, Sports and different projects, Exhibitions and Creative work and Competitions all of which my child love participating in and have gained appreciation for each.

I am confident that we had made the best choice of school for his education as love, care, attention children get from amazing staff.

It feels more like a good family and I recommend this to people without any hesitation.

The way his teacher has helped our son to develop his individuality and self discipline, self confidence, self respect, self independence and also respect toward other peer and adults is noteworthy.

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Grishma Vijay Trivedi


I feel proud to say something about the right selection of my child’s school. My daughter is studying in V. N. Godhani English School. It is not professional school whose aim is only to make money. But it gives good education to the children. As per my opinion this is the best school because it is well – supplied with all sorts of educational requirements including smart board.

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Not only academically but also co-curricular activities and celebrations are done nicely in this school which makes the child active in all area.

The thing I like most in this school is the personal attachment of the teachers with the students which I observe in this school only.

The principal of this school is very nice and good natured. She devotes all her time and energy for the improvement of the students.

The teachers are open minded, having patience and able to handle any situation. They are the perfect role model for their students. The emotional bonding between teachers and students are very important. With good education moral values are also taught in this school. The students of this school are confident enough in their practical life also.

So I glad that my child is studying in this school.

M.A. B.Ed. - Teacher

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Kashmira Rupani


I can say that V. N. Godhani has made my child more confident and independent in learning, which makes us proud of them.We are very happy for the school’s care, discipline and children are all round development. My both children love going to school every day.

My child enjoys participating in lessons and says that learning is challenging and fun.

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Strategies being used to teach my child have been very useful at home. The modern technology supports and helps them the concept in better manner.

Monthly projects help them to enhance their creative skills School has worked very hard to create a family atmosphere.

Vice Principal - (Madhavbaug Vidhyabhavan Amroli)

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Pooja Hemant Acharya


I would, most humbly like to opine about Shri V. N. Godhani English School. I have regularly keen visiting this school since my daughter Aneri Hemantbhai Acharya had joined it in the year 2011.

The following facts have caught my attention. I very freely express them as I m given the chance.

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1. The smart board has turned typical classrooms into a fun learning environment. They enrich classrooms in several ways by providing and creating the perfect learning setting.

2. The most praiseworthy behavior on the part of teaching staff is not only the comfort they provide to the children feeling a little uneasy over tiny matters but also proving themselves genuine helping hands to the parents too whom they continuously keep informed about the curricular activities held in the school.

3. I can’t but express my experiences that if I fail to attend a parents meeting, they never fail to inform me about the matters discussed therein.

4. Everywhere in the whole school one can find full support and kind cooperation at every level spanning from sub staff to the principal.

I wish the school may prosper educationally and culturally.

Social Worker

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