Activity-Based Learning

Our V.N Godhani English School develops self-learning skill among the learners and allows a child to study according to his or her skill .The key feature of the Activity Based Learning (ABL) method is that it uses child-friendly educational aids to foster self-learning and allows a child to study according to his or her aptitude and skill. The idea of activity-based learning is rooted in the common notion that children are active learners rather than passive recipients of information. If child is provided the opportunity to explore by their own and provided an optimum learning environment then the learning becomes joyful and long-lasting.

Group Discussion And Debate

Being dynamic with the flow, the students of VNG English School actively participate in the group discussions as well as debate. We conduct this activity in such a way that students can sharpen their communication skills as well as presentation skills. Our focus is to indulge the students in the thinking process which will bring innovative ideas. We believe interaction is must between the students and with the teachers. As while heading in corporate world all this tasks will be resembled by the students.

Traditional Games activity

In the era of Play Stations, video Games and Gadgets, we all have almost forgotten the traditional games of India. So to recall and replay these games, our students of Class-IV very enthusiastically played traditional games like – Chopat, AMDAWAD, Panchuka, Kundala, Marbles, cards, and top. Their blossomed faces described that they enjoyed a lot.

Keyboard calling Keyboard

To understand the keyboard, the first suggestion would be to understand and memorize the location of all keys on the computer keyboard. To learn the Chapter - “The Keyboard”, Our students of Std.-III had played a game ‘Keyboard calling Keyboard’. In this game, they made the keys of keyboard on their own using chart paper and crayons. Later on they arranged all the keys as per keyboard layout. By doing this activity they came to know the position of each and every key on a keyboard and also learnt the types of keys.