We, at V. N. Godhani English Medium School, are “Shaping the generation” with the amalgamation of academic learning as well as with the application in practical way, which will influence the students, and make them understand relationship of academics to the world , life, and community. We provide learning in a safe, nurturing, enjoyable, culturally fruitful and stimulating environment. We enable ourselves to be open to risk, change, and innovation. We enable students, faculty, and staff to become confident and responsible leader.


Orienting students for creativity, Innovation in education and communal engagement to inculcate the roots of humanity, empathy, in mankind rather than moulding them as machines. To bring about holistic growth and development of ‘body, mind and soul’. Provide executive education to make it real. A centre of excellence moulding responsible citizens with outstanding life-skills to meet all needs of the globe our school will foster individual differences, encourage each other and set challenging goals. We will strive to think critically and creatively to encourage good decision-making strategies to promote a sense of teamwork and cooperation.


  • To maintain climate of respect and human dignity.
  • The capacity to understand other persons feelings encompassing broad range of emotional states.
  • Excersing leadership by students along with cub leadership practices.
  • Values of honesty, time, discipline, compassion, and commitment towards the goal.
    • Leading through innovation
    • Pursuing excellence
    • Growing by learning
    • Global citizenship
  • With these values at our core, we encourage independent learning and empower students to embrace responsibility.